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3 Common Issues with Swing Gates

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3 Common Issues with Swing Gates

3 Common Issues with Swing Gates | Gate Repair Lantana TX

There are a lot of factors involved in making sure that your residential gate works perfectly well. In other words, there are a number of things that could go wrong and disrupt the movement of the gate. As a homeowner who has installed or will be installing a security gate in the near future, it is imperative for you to be aware of the most common malfunctions so that you can call a gate repair technician to solve the problem as soon as possible

  1. Problems Associated with Cold Weather

    When the temperature sinks low, the gate begins to show a number of flaws. For instance, you could notice a slight or major delay in the opening or closing of the gate. In certain cases, it may not open at all, leaving you stranded in or out of your house. The reason why these problems occur is because the metal components inside the product contract when the temperature decreases. This change in the dimensions of the inner parts hampers the working mechanism and makes it difficult for proper movement to take place. The battery of the electric gate opener is also affected by the drop in temperature. As it gets colder, it becomes harder for the battery to perform its function and initiate the movement of the gate.
  2. Gate Stopping at the Wrong Place

    This is a very common problem faced by homeowners. If the limit switch nut fails to hit the limit switch at the designated time, then the residential gate is likely to stop at the wrong place. At first, it may seem like a problem that can never be fixed. However, when professional technicians are at work, the faulty gate is easily repaired and its movement is restored or corrected.
  3. A Complete Halt

    This can be a potentially risky situation for a homeowner. If your gate stops reacting midway through its movement or when it is open, then you are basically in a position where your residence is vulnerable to a major breach of security. Even the best residential gates in the world can at times stop moving or making any sound whatsoever. In other words, the gate comes to a dead halt. Such a problem can be caused by a number of things. For instance, if the ground fault interrupter is tripping, then it is likely that the gate will not move at all. This is because all the devices connected to the circuit of the ground fault interrupter are cut out from the power supply. Another plausible cause of the complete stoppage could be a faulty remote controller. If the batteries in the remote are dead, then it will fail to transmit any signals to the receiver of the gate opener.

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