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We Offer Professional Gate Repair and Installation Services

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Keep Your Gates Working Smoothly!

Our technicians are trained to keep your driveway gate operating smoothly and efficiently during even the worst weather.

They offer many informative ideas and suggestions about the care and maintenance of your gate, so why not take a look at our popular tips section below?

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Do a manual test on your driveway gate

Even though having a completely automatic door is one of life’s greatest conveniences, you need to determine whether it works just as well when used manually. We suggest that you disengage the opener and open it manually up to the half-way point. It should remain motionless but if it moves, the springs might need to be adjusted. This should only be done by a professional and should be fixed as soon as possible.

Adjusting your sliding gate chain tensioner

If you have a sliding gate, it will have a chain with two tensioners, one on each end. The more you use your gate, the more the chain will stretch. Over time, it may sag much more than it should. This is when you know that you need to have the tensioner tightened. Because the tensioner needs to be wound tight, we suggest that you call upon the services of a professional to do this job.