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Gate Repair Lantana

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When you have a problem with your gate, our company offers you the experienced help you need from our local professionals. And if you’ve been having problems or need answers to questions about your gate, take a look at our FAQ section below.

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What are the most common issues with sliding gate wheels?

Obstruction is definitely the most frequently found problem. Dirt and tiny pebbles can get stuck and prevent the wheels from moving properly. Cleaning will help to deal with the problem quickly and effectively. Issues like scrapes, dents and rust are far less common. When the damage is great, replacement is the only solution. 

Should a gate be installed right at the start of the driveway?

This is not a good idea because it will need to open extremely quickly so that the car waiting to get in doesn’t slow down the traffic on the road, and as a result increase the risk of an accident. It is best to have a setback of at least 20 feet from the road to the gate. This may mean having to add some extra fencing too.