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  • Mon-Fri: 6am-10pm
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Welcome to Gate Repair Lantana. We are a professional provider of local services related to manual and automatic driveway gates in Texas. Our professional technicians are all highly trained and have the collective experience necessary to ensure that when you need to have work done on your gate, the job gets done just right each time. We work closely with a multitude of trusted manufacturers and distributers of parts and components to bring you the widest selection that can best suit the security needs of your home.

Driveway Gate Repairs, Maintenance and Installations

We are pleased to provide all of our customers with careful installations of new wooden, aluminum and steel gates, restorations and replacements of their components, as well as routine maintenance to ensure that they continue to work as they should. So, whether you need to have your system fixed, completely replaced, upgraded or installed for better home security, aesthetics and convenience, be sure to give us a call today if you are looking for a trusted technician’s assistance.


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Gate Services

Automatic Gate

Contact us today to take advantage of our electric gate repair services including installation, maintenance and all types of part replacement. Call now to arrange a visit or to have guidance with your gate issue and circumstances.

Gate Repair Services

Your gate keeps your home and business safe. Our company is at your service offering professional, same day gate repair services to make sure your unit is up and running in no time!

Residential Gate

Gates are essential to your security. Call our company today and have one customized. We also provide automation in the form of remotely controlled operators or sensor operated automatic systems. Call now.


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Here are some of the helpful services that we have on offer:

Installations of Brand New Gates

Having a manual or automatic gate installed on your driveway is an excellent way to ensure that you gain better control of your home’s security while making sure that coming and going is an easy affair for both you and your visitors. These entrances will also add to your home’s sense of style while giving you better control over who comes and goes. These are but a few of the reasons why so many households around the US are choosing to have them installed in their homes, so if you would like to have a new one installed in your home, be sure to contact one of our professional technicians for further assistance.

Since we work with parts and products from a range of manufacturers, our technicians are able to provide you with an impressive range of choices, and will also offer assistance and advice when deciding which brands and types will best protect your property.

With our assistance, you can also have your entrance automated with ease by having a Liftmaster gate opener or motor fitted to your entrance at home. This way, operating it can be done with a simple touch of a button, making your life that little bit easier.

Once the choice has been made, you can rely on our technicians to install your new security gates with efficiency, cleanliness and care. So, if you want to take control of your property’s security, be sure to contact us today.

Keeping Your Gate Up & Running

As it is with most of your appliances at home, your entrance, motor and even the gate opener remote will require routine maintenance and upkeep to ensure that it continues to be operated safely and effectively. Maintenance is not only a good idea, but is in fact essential for keeping it running smoothly. Safety features, tracks, bearings, wheels, brackets and your opener all operate under extreme pressure which can make short work of their condition. So, if you need assistance with keeping them in good health, contact one of our technicians and question us on the maintenance services that we have to offer.

Emergency Repairs and Restorations

It is commonly acknowledged that nothing in this world is made to last forever, and your gates and motors are no exception to this rule. Unfortunately, breakdowns can occur at any moment, and when they do, they can put your home’s security at great risk. However, with the assistance of our technicians, this is no reason to fret.

Our experience makes us the perfect partner when you need repairs and restorations on your system at home. Whether they are wooden, iron or aluminum gates, we have what it takes to get them back on track so that you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that you and your family are properly secured from intrusions.

Contact Gate Repair Lantana Today!

Whether you require assistance with installations, upkeep or restorations on your security gates at home, contact one of our technicians for information, pricing or advice regarding our services. Remember that Gate Repair Lantana is here to assist you in the most professional manner possible, so feel free to contact us today to take advantage of our locally provided, professional services.





Your company is awesome!

“After spending hours trying to get my gate working again, I finally decided to call in the professionals: you guys. I still can’t believe that you fixed it so quickly! Your technicians were also really friendly and helpful!”

Nigel Peters

I’ll never use another company 

“The motor of our driveway gate hadn’t been working for quite a while. My husband finally called you guys and now it’s as good as new! Thanks so much for your awesome and friendly service!”

Jo-Anne Johnson

I didn’t think it would be that affordable

“Last week, our office gate just stopped opening and closing. I thought that it would be quite expensive. Not only does your company provide same-day emergency service, but your rates for this are really competitive. Well done to you guys!” 

Mikhail Markowitz

I was really impressed

“I got home from work and found that my driveway gate wouldn’t open. I was expecting to wait hours for a repairman, so I was pleasantly surprised when one of your company’s technicians came out so quickly. Great service!”

Nicky Marquez